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Palmer + Jess's Wedding Day

I've been so excited and anxious to reveal these beauties!

Palmer and Jessica got #Married!

You knew?! Ok... well this is where I get to gush about them!

I was incredibly honored they chose me, trusted me, confided in me to help bring their perfect day into being. No pressure, right?

They were amazing, easy going, and thrilled to get this day rolling.

We started off at Regan Cheramie Salon & Spa with #champagne and raspberries. Great job, by the way, John Herron!

While hair and makeup were getting done, the #bride was supposed to be relaxing and enjoying this experience.

Well, Jessica isn't any bride. Jessica is a perfectionist and wants to think about the 100 items that have to be checked off for this evening's #wedding to be everything she ever wanted. (Which of course it was)

I loved their personal touches!

Jessica's dress looks like it was made for her!

The details were absolutely beautiful and the tiny pearls were dripping off her shoulders.

It had it's own #romantic feel!

One of my favorite shots is below, when the #groom couldn't do his own hair so we #blindfolded him and had the bride fix it.

It was hilarious and I definitely don't want to share all of the photos from that moment- I'll let the #newlyweds do the honors!

The groom was so laid back and really allowed me to work in the photos I had imagined taking. If we had to retake a photo- 'no problem', want to take 50 of the same pose? "I'll wait'

I mean seriously, thank you for your patience Palmer!

These two chose to do a 'first touch' #photo and I am in #love!

Look at those faces! Smiling, peaceful, and just as they are about to embark on a lifelong trip together.

What this couple also did was instead of writing their own vows; they exchanged letters to each other during their 'first touch'. Again, I don't want to spoil everything here for you to see, so be sure to check when the bride and groom post those!

I swear, the genuine look of #happiness on this man's face is so wonderful.

With the sun setting behind them, that gorgeous golden light showered the couple as they were exchanging #vows.

New beginnings were made here, a fresh start to a #life together, and the promise of many #memories to come!

Congratulations, Palmer & Jessica!

It was a privilege to be able to witness part of your #story!

... Now go have your red-headed #babies so I can take photos of them too!

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