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2020... Thank You

Probably not what you were expecting to see in regards to 2020, but I must thank that infamous year.

I grew so much, personally and professionally. I proved to myself what I can do, and to others as well. I survived my first full year of professional photography as P. Kirkland Photography and all the way 'til the end of #2020 was I constantly learning. I still have many areas to improve upon.

Thank you to all my clients this past year. Thank you for trusting me, for giving me the opportunity, and even sharing with others your experience and appreciation of my work. I especially appreciate your kindness and patience.

This year definitely had it's surprises and major set backs, but I made it and I have a game plan for #2021 to be even better!

Thank you to my fellow photographers for thinking of me when you needed a 2nd shooter for a wedding or a replacement #photographer for a session you couldn't cover. Your thoughts and actions have not been forgotten and I cherish those relationships I've been able to form.

2020 took me out of my comfort zone, threw me out of unfruitful routines, revealed flaws I had to face and made me take action. Did I do this all alone? No. I have no problem saying I had a therapist helping me through my personal situations this year along with my God. She guided me on how I was to improve. She helped me find the strength in myself and realize God had my back this whole time. Fear is a liar.

Thank you to my family and friends who supported me in my ups and downs that 2020 brought. It really did help me see the true colors of some, unmasked ill intentions of others, and helped in making the decision to let some of them go that much easier.

This whole thing might sound a bit cryptic, and I apologize.

I'm looking forward to 2021 and all it entails!

Good bye 2020, thanks for the ride!

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