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My Grandfather's Camera

I was very close to my grandfather.

He made me feel like I was his favorite, but I'm not sure I can claim that I was because I'm positive he made all of us feel that way.

It was an honor and a privilege that I never understood when I lived in his home. He taught me so many things, and when I look back I should've recognized he also showed me how I should be treated.

When I'd get home, he would have Lindt chocolate truffles waiting for me... or a bag of Jelly Belly jelly beans. He expected hard work, was disgusted by laziness, and enjoyed family.

I knew what his past career was and heard entertaining stories about it. He was a Sheriff at a jail in Virginia. I thought the world of him. In fact, I named my daughter in honor of him.

So for me to be given something from his past that I never heard about, it was fascinating to me. Especially when part of that past came in the form of a camera.

He passed away in 2011. When my mom and grandmother were clearing out a shed of his things once the house sold, a box was put in the trash pile. My mom picked it up and said I should have it. It was apparently his camera. Everything about it though looks to be in mint condition. That's typical of my grandfather though. He knew how to take care of things.

Now I have this remnant of him proudly on display. I love it. It represents both of us; my chosen career, and his presence which will always be in my home. It reminds me that my grandfather was so much more than I knew. I hope one day my children can appreciate that aspect of life. Their mother will also be so much more than they know.

It's the beauty of life, that every person is complex and each of us reveals a piece of the puzzle that makes us whole.

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