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From 2 to 92

Event #photography has really become such a big part of my world and I'm very passionate about it. Since working with VIP Northshore magazine and City Business, many times it's events in my parish that I'm creating a #historical account for; saying that this happened, these people witnessed it, and I get to provide some images as proof.

Technically, that's what I'm really wanting to capture in every session- an event whether it's expressing the little #moments of #growth, #accomplishments, #milestones, and the next step in one's #journey.

So naturally, I love being part of birthdays!

What better event is there than celebrating when someone entered the world?

Recently, I've had the opportunity to capture two #birthday #celebrations. One was for brothers ages 2 and 5, and the other was for a lively 90 year old #grandmother.

When Jamie contacted me about capturing photos of Lorraine, her 90 year old grandmother, it literally had me inspired to do the same for my grandmother! That session made her feel so special, #appreciated, #loved, and #memories were made that day that no one can take away.

Can I tell you I had the same excitement for both? Of course, the double birthday had me much busier with chasing kids to capture pictures, but that definitely helps me account for my cardio in the day!

While some might think it's an extra expense, that it might not matter to get professional photos taken for a birthday (which I've heard before), just remember that when you're grandchildren ask what their parents were like when they were little that you will have actual photos of a party where you weren't behind the camera but in the pictures with them.

As a mother, I know I need to be in more photos with my kids. I've made it a point this year to even schedule my own session with a fabulous local photographer to capture my family photos.

If you can take anything away from this post, take this: Take the time to be present and think about how future generations will see you documented. Will they see you at all, because you were always the one behind the camera?

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