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Charleston, SC : New Orleans' Doppelganger

Back in April I went on a Girl's Trip with my family.

I had never been to Charleston, so I was pretty excited to visit the place, especially to bond with these ladies that I don't get to see too often.

Now I must start off by saying Charleston isn't an exact duplicate of New Orleans, in that it is much cleaner.

Sorry New Orleans, I still love you.

Overall though, the feel in Charleston is a very New Orleans vibe, without the excessive alcohol. (What do you mean you can't buy whiskey past a certain time and not on Sunday?)

You are greeted with cobblestone streets, a fresh market that has a variety of vendors for food, clothing, decor, and everything in between!

Many high end shops are lined up one after another

Just like New Orleans, the cathedrals are breathtaking! The architecture is so similar that I really did feel like I was in a place I already knew, yet I had never actually been there. I loved it!

I even learned about more of a southern folklore that is still present today. In the south, shutters and porch ceilings were painted 'haint blue' to ward off bad spirits. They did this because people believed the spirits would see the blue at night and think the sun was coming up so they'd go away.

Although it was overcast and a bit rainy during my stay, I was so happy I got to experience this great city! It's definitely a place one could go to time and time again only to find new sites to explore.

Thanks Charleston, and I hope to see you again soon!

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