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Wow, I'm blown away!

I never thought I'd like it, I never thought I'd try it, but here I am.

I tested out my first boudoir session with a friend and it went so well!

It was great because as this was my first boudoir shoot, I needed guidance more than she did! Thankfully my model had taken two or three boudoir sessions before me and she's the one that taught me how she was controlling her body, muscles, and breathing while contorting. There's so much more than I thought that goes into this.

My wonderful friend's session went smoothly and we had fun with it! I had the chance to start finding my own boudoir style stress free.

Then, I scheduled my second session, and the photos were just as beautiful but with their own style.

I can tell you that everyone starts out nervous. Why shouldn't you be?

You're literally half naked (or more) in front of a person with a camera, trusting her to get your best angles! That's terrifying even for me!

But do you know that in the end, it turns into the most confidence boosting, self appreciative, and wonderfully fun experience?

I want my boudoir clients to feel self love, beautiful, and like a complete bad-ass at the end of their session.

Even through the progression of the session you can see the nervousness fade, and this bold, gorgeous woman rise up and own the moment!

I'll be launching my boudoir sessions this February and have made a separate private Facebook Group for those that are interested.

Feel free to private message me if you're interested in a session.

I haven't included all photos in this post, but there are photos in the group if you'd like to see my style, go ahead and join us.

I wanted to make the announcement at this time of year because it is a great gift to someone you love and especially for yourself!

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