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Palmer + Jess

This #sunset engagement photo session was so romantic, beautiful and full of #love .

As much as I wanted to take my time and enjoy this session, it was held at sunset, which means you're automatically on the Sun's time, not yours!

Palmer and Jessica made this session feel easy, natural, and so intimate!

There wasn't much of my guidance needed, they just fell into poses and you can see the love radiating from them!

I'm the type of photographer that shows her clients in-camera shots. I do this so they don't question or fear if they're session will be a success. I have to say, I showed Jess this one straight from the camera and she was brought to tears. It was so sweet and funny.

So I learned that I couldn't do that to her for the rest of her session because we didn't want any of her makeup smearing!

I'm #inlove with their love! I swear, I couldn't stop taking pictures!

As the Sun started lowering, we made our way from Fontainebleau State Park's beach, down to the water.

Do I need to even say anything about this shot?

They created such a #mood, that all I had to do was work around them.

My favorite part about this session was when Palmer got in the water. I think he took my suggestion as a joke at first, then soon realized I was serious. Of course, Jess was all about this and ready!

I'm so glad he did it!

I'm so thankful this lovely #couple trusted me with their #engagementphotos.

Thank you, Palmer and Jess, and I can't wait to capture your #wedding!

Congratulations and I love you guys!

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