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Amber & Eli

To say this chick's session was fun, is an understatement. I know I say this so often, but I really do appreciate it when my clients trust me with their #engagement photos and go with my (sometimes seemingly silly - say that 5 times fast) #posing ideas. It's an honor to be part of their story, and I want to bring them the best of my work.

They both just radiated with #love and there's no comparison to the genuine reactions they expressed with each other during their session.

Amber and Eli were smiling literally the entire time. They never complained about the heat (which it was really HOT) and they even were fine with taking a bit of a walk to exactly where I envisioned their next photo.

Since Amber is a #dance instructor, I had to get a little twirl in... and even a dip kiss! Eli was happy to comply and they created some beautiful images that I know they will cherish #forever.

Thank you both for letting me capture the beginning of your #journey together!

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