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Baby S has Arrived!

Following you on your #journey is one of the most rewarding experiences for me!

I had the opportunity to capture this beautiful momma's #maternity #moments, and then I was asked to take this sweet girl's first official photos in the hospital!

To say I was thrilled and honored is the least of it. Miss "S" made quite an appearance, and when I got to her room, she made herself known! I joked with her #mommy commenting that the SASS is STRONG with this one!

She wasn't too happy with me interrupting her day, but we still had the chance to capture some really beautiful photos with her and her parents.

I've seen many women fear taking #maternityphotos so much so that they end up letting that fear prevent them from celebrating one of the most precious times of their life. Thankfully, this momma wasn't one of them, but can I encourage you to be proud? Be proud of the baby bump, stretch marks, and the ever growing body you're in while #pregnant.

Not every woman will experience the wonder of #birth, so take this chance to capture it to remember forever. Your pregnancy story then turns into your birth story which leads to your journey into #motherhood.

Today I'm celebrating this fantastic mommy and the birth of her #daughter. Although this isn't her first baby, it is her first baby girl!

Welcome to the realm of raising a daughter, Amy!

May your patience be ever present and your ability to handle anything #pink and #sparkly be very strong.

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