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Baby Fortenberry

Well this was certainly a surprise for me!

I received a call on a Tuesday morning inquiring if I was available to take in-hospital #photos... that same day! Now normally that isn't a surprise at all, when I'm expecting one of my mommas to go into labor at any #moment. This wasn't a call from any of my mommas!

This was a call from my brother's friend who works with him. They had arrangements for another #photographer to come, but received word that the photographer was unable to make it. Thankfully, I had all of my equipment ready and waiting for Baby 'S' to arrive, so I was available.

Two in-hospital #newborn sessions within two days?? This was a first for me!

I was definitely excited and if you know me, I #love #babies!

The Fortenberrys were very welcoming and glad I could make it. The little man in the bassinet was who I was there for, and I couldn't wait to start his session.

He was absolutely perfect. He wasn't too fond of being swaddled by me, but he stayed so calm and quiet the entire time. His two older #sisters, which are only two and four years older, were already in love with their little #brother. Both #sisters wanted to cover their brother in #kisses, and even fought over who was holding him first.

This little man is surrounded by so much love, and I'm sure he has no idea the tea parties, dress-up days, and makeup tests he has ahead of him!

Welcome to the world, baby boy Fortenberry!

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