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Amy's Maternity Session : Expecting Baby S

This gorgeous momma is so ready to meet her newest addition, Baby S.

We went to Fairview Riverside State Park on a beautifully sunny Sunday.

Maternity sessions are always full of smiles and usually I get some very magical photos from expecting mothers that are literally bursting with joy. I think outdoor maternity sessions stand out from the rest in that the momma is sharing that moment with nature, the natural light is shining on her and allowing her to glow.

Amy's smile is like she is keeping a really awesome secret and she knows it. She's about to have her world rocked, but she's ready.

Can there be challenges shooting outdoor sessions?

Absolutely, but when you find that perfect spot, get that right angle and pose, then you know you've picked the right type of session for you!

For all of you lovely expecting mommas out there, I encourage you to take maternity photos.

You may not feel wonderful, some of you may not feel that 'glow', but we all see it!

Even when I showed Amy the in-camera photos during her shoot, she said that she didn't feel like she looked like the person in my camera. I promise you, as a mother myself, you will look back on these moments and wish (maybe just for a second) that you could live in that moment again.

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