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The Next Chapter | Wedding Photography...?

I've never thought I was going to ever try out #wedding photography... yet here I am!

Over the last few weeks I've really pushed myself and reached into the realm of wedding #photographers to see what it's all about.

Can I be honest with you?

It appears that every wedding is different in it's own experience, but most have a certain flow.

I'm also going to say this - if the #bride didn't hire a wedding planner, it seems that task falls on the photographer.

Not that this is a good or bad thing, it just is what it is. I've seen the bride and #groom both look to the #photographer for guidance, direction, and even suggestions as to what should happen next in their wedding. That is a rather intimidating circumstance.

To think I would take on a sort of 'director' position in a wedding is crazy to me!

I did like what one of the wonderful photographers, Tabitha Taylor, that let me second shoot the wedding with said; "I'm here to take pictures of your wedding, your wedding isn't just about the pictures". Meaning, you need to enjoy your wedding and not let the central focus be the next pose.

Each wedding and engagement session I'm growing in my knowledge of photography. Because photography is an art, it's ever changing. Although there may be trends that come and go in editing, I want to stay true to the actual look of what's taking place at your wedding.

This doesn't mean I'm going to be a full time wedding photographer, but I'm definitely interested in taking on those smaller wedding clients. I love second shooting and it really helps me be more creative.

I'm so happy I've had the chance to expand my skills into the wedding world and I want to grow in it. I plan on continuing to shoot with those that will let me tag along so that I can learn and grow in my #wedding #photography!

I also want to thank Laura from Bella Voi Photography, Tabitha Taylor of Beautiful Mess Photography, Shannah O'Quin from Shannah O'Quin Photography & Videography, and David Williams from David Williams Photography for letting me second shoot with each of you and trusting me with your weddings.

I had a wonderful learning experience every time and gained real #knowledge of what I need to do that I couldn't fully understand by reading about it.

So family and friends, thank you for supporting me and wish me luck on the next chapter of my photography journey!

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