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Outdoor Photography Tips (for photos of kids)

In Louisiana, it's coming around to that wonderful time of year where we all just want to spend our days outside- and for photographers it means we get a chance to take some fantastic outdoor photography.

Sunny days, nice long evenings, beautiful sunsets, Spring then Summer, and on into Fall (or at least what Louisiana has for 'Fall').

Now for some photographers, they are itching to get out there and do what they do best- capture the moment! Of course, some of those wonderful moments are filled with kids. They can be unpredictable, easily bored, and not that into you posing them. Can I tell you a secret? It's best to photograph them in their natural happy state when outside, which is interacting with nature.

Yes, having a beautiful bokeh forest background can be so nice, but capturing a kid truly enjoying climbing a tree, playing in sand or leaves, and even getting a little (must we say?) dirty can be both entertaining and a perfect picture of joy!

So here's a few tips to help you conquer kids this outdoor photography season

1. Choose an outdoor location that has access to great natural features.

This can range from state parks to a friend's backyard. If they have fields to run in, oaks with ground branches, or a riverbank to explore- that's where to start! 2. Begin with the poses and finish with the fun.

Kids don't always have the ability to stay engaged and keep smiling when they aren't interested in what their doing. By getting the poses out of the way in the beginning, it usually gives better results and you get the chance to capture the images that the parents had in mind first. Once those shots are out of the way, let the kids have a moment to take a break and explore. Personally, this is where I get the best shots of children! 3. Review in-camera shots and share.

I'm a big fan of reviewing in-camera and deleting as I go. I like showing my clients some of my favorites right after I shoot so they also can see how a less structured kids photo works best and it puts their mind at ease whether or not you were able to 'get some good ones' of their little ones.

So go out there and capture those kids in action!

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