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Gina Jerez | Quinceañera

If every #Quinceañera is going to be like this, then that is what I want to do all year long!

Gina's parents were so wonderful and I felt welcomed by her and her family!

The quince was held at the Crystal Plantation in Kenner, Louisiana. It's an absolutely beautiful event hall located right off of Veterans Memorial Boulevard.

This sweet birthday girl was waiting in the side room wearing her stunning floor length ball gown from The Pink Veil. The light lilac dress was absolutely perfect for her and the intricate beading brought about an elegant yet extravagant feel to her whole appearance.

While waiting for her big entrance, all she wanted were some chicken wings! She cracked me up because the way I could get her to give me an authentic #beautiful #smile was by mentioning she's about to eat the best wings ever!

The highlights of the night were (of course) the changing of the shoes, the father-daughter dance, and the gift from her grandmother.

These are #moments she'll never forget.

My personal favorite is when Gina changed back into her sneakers! She was a trooper and held out for as long as she could with those heals!

Congrats Gina! Welcome to womanhood!

For Gina's Quince, I wanted to definitely go for a 'wedding' feel with softer touches and this really challenged me to keep a consistent look throughout my editing. It was a bit difficult due to the lighting inside the venue being so dark in the main area yet so bright in her waiting room, but this gave me the ability to apply my new knowledge of using my flash. As a photographer, I'm always growing, learning, and trying to improve my style, editing, and technique!

I had a chance to take a short video with the #birthday girl, so definitely go check that out on my Facebook and IGTV! She is absolutely beautiful inside and out!

Also, I wanted to say Thank You to Jana Williams, because I joined TIC (The Inspired Club) which teaches you how to fine tune your photography along with encouraging and supporting each other through our separate photography journeys!

It was such an honor to be part of this girl's big night.

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