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Beyond Boundaries

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

It's so hard for some (most) to reach and explore outside their comfort zone. It's especially uncomfortable in photography, for me.

To take photographs that are universally appealing is easy. Photography is an area that begs for critique, judgement, and comparison. In a way, your photography style exposes a bit of yourself and you're letting that leak out and presenting it to the world, which may accept or reject it.

So, I'm challenging myself. I'm reaching down and bringing forward more of who I am as a photographer. I've planned out a few series that are going to be posted exclusively to Instagram and I hope you enjoy them. I'll start broad and get more into a personal space within myself.

I want to bring something to the table that others can connect with, share, and ultimately find in themselves the desire to expand their boundaries.

Broaden your comfort zone!

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